To keep CroomsCon's Hero gear secure, we have a very strict policy for the items you can bring on the day of the event.



Disclaimer: If you bring any of your own items, you are 100% responsible for them. The CroomsCon staff and Crooms are NOT responsible for looking after or storing your items. If you lose your equipment, CroomsCon WILL NOT replace the item(s).

If you are caught with any of the prohibited items, they WILL be confiscated on the spot, stored safely throughout the entire event, and returned to you when you leave CroomsCon.

All permitted peripherals may be used in tournaments, but all computers will have a mouse and keyboard if you choose not to bring your own.

If you would like to help out by letting CroomsCon borrow your Consoles, TVs, controllers, and games check out the CroomsCon Heroes pageĀ and learn how loaning your gear can get you more raffle tickets and free CroomsCon t-shirts!