How can I win prizes?

This year at CroomsCon we have tons of prizes to give away! Most of which will be raffled off!  Every CroomsCon guest receives 2 raffle tickets when they arrive at CroomsCon!  You can’t buy more tickets, but you can earn more by being a part of the Hero program!

There are two main ways to win. Entering your raffle ticket into one of the hourly raffles, or win one of the dozens of  tournaments that start throughout the day.

Every guest who enters CroomsCon gets two raffle tickets with their ticket.

All tickets in the raffle that do not win in their hourly drawing are put into the Raffle Royale. The Raffle Royale are drawn at the Prize Party at the end of the night.

Prize Managers

This year’s Prize Managers are Arianna Ceballaos and Claire Leenim, if you have any questions relating to prizes or raffles don’t hesitate to email them! Below you will find some of the prizes we are giving away at CroomsCon this year! When we get closer to the event we’ll post that info here!