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What is the CroomsCon Heroes Program?

The CroomsCon Hero program is a great way to earn extra raffle tickets while helping CroomsCon give back to the community!


Allowing CroomsCon to borrow their consoles, game discs, and controllers starting the day before the event and lasting until the end of CroomsCon. (About 36 hours)


How do I know that my stuff will be safe?

We cannot hold a CroomsCon without you, Hero! Mr. Donnan and the entire CroomsCon staff considers the safety of Hero Gear one of their highest priorities. Here's how we make sure that your stuff stay safe:

How many extra raffle tickets will I get?

Everyone who enters CroomsCon gets 2 raffle tickets. Heroes get extra tickets based upon what we need the most. Below are lists of what we need and how many extra tickets you earn if we borrow it for the day.

If you bring in your Hero gear before 3pm on the day before CroomsCon starts, all ticket values are DOUBLED.

Requested Game Lists

In order to make sure we have fun multiplayer games that are safely tracked we are only requesting specific games.  Please check the table below to see if you have any of the games on this list. If you do, and you want to loan them, each game will earn you one extra raffle ticket! 

How do I Join the CroomsCon Heroes Program?

Print and Fill out the CroomsCon Hero Form HERE.

Fill out the CC24_HeroForm and have it signed by your legal guardian.

Each item you agree to bring in is worth extra raffle tickets. (see the Hero Guide list below)

Write your first and last name on your items and then bring them in the morning on the day BEFORE CroomsCon.

We add batteries to your stuff as needed and we leave them in at the end of the night. You get to take home the used batteries and ALL of the remaining POWER!  (Mwah Ha Ha!)

Have a great time at CroomsCon! Eat, drink, game, and use your extra tickets to try and win some raffles! We hold on to the prizes that you won so you don't have to carry them around all day!

At the end of CroomsCon you take your stuff home (you get to keep the batteries that we added!)

WARNING: If Heroes want to take their stuff home before 8:30pm they forfeit all of their raffle winnings.

CroomsCon has the right to refuse your gear if we already have enough of what you are offering, so sign up early and reserve a spot in the Heroes program. You can download and print out the CroomsCon Hero Sheet here: link

Where do I drop off my gear?

All Hero gear should be dropped off the Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday before CroomsCon, in the morning in Mr. Wright's room (1-209). If you wait until the morning of the event, your early entry and extra raffle tickets are not guaranteed!

Double tickets for Hero Drop off on Wednesday or Thursday.


Wednesday 13th 7:00a - 3:30p Drop Off - Hero Ticket Value Doubled!

Thursday 14th 7:00a - 3:30p Drop Off - Hero Ticket Value Doubled!

Friday 15th 6:45a -3:30p Drop Off